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Meet Diane Chartrand,
Diane lives with lung sarcoidosis

The conferences and meetings organized by the Quebec Lung Association helped me to better understand my disease but more importantly, they allowed me to meet people who have the same condition as me.

- Diane Chartrand

The symptoms first appeared in fall 2013: extreme fatigue, persistent cough, shortness of breath, enlarged lymph nodes. After four months of testing, Diane Chartrand learned that she had sarcoidosis, a chronic inflammatory disease with no known cause that affects multiple organs but mostly the lungs, as in Diane’s case.

The diagnosis was all the more shocking for Diane because she had never even heard of the disease. “I had no frame of reference and didn’t know anyone who had sarcoidosis,” explains Diane.

For Diane, coming to terms with her condition meant understanding the disease. She therefore set about looking for help and support. “I did some research online and when I came across the Quebec Lung Association, I realized that they were what I needed,” continues Diane.

As a self-employed worker, Diane had to keep working despite the symptoms. “My condition left me drained both physically and financially,” says Diane.

Exhausted, Diane ended up withdrawing into herself. “I stopped my social activities because I didn’t have the energy or the breath. I needed rest and I had to work on myself to come to terms with the disease.”

Today, thanks to medication, her symptoms have eased.

With time and patience, I came to accept the disease, and things are going much better now that I’ve adjusted my way of living to my energy level. My name is Diane Chartrand and I am living proof that donating to Health Partners -Quebec works.

The Quebec Lung Association

Founded in 1938, the Quebec Lung Association is the only non-profit organization that promotes respiratory health and prevention of pulmonary disease through research, education and services. The Association helps and defends the rights of individuals who suffer from a pulmonary disease as well as the Quebec population as a whole.

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